The Buzz: What is the best way to study for finals?

Jessica Gillis, Staff member

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Adam Fishbaugh, 19, economics

“I look at the stuff and I understand it.”

Kincade Brookey, 22, undeclared

“Go over work you did and corrections the teacher made if any.”

Jillian Varona, 18, feminist studies

“Turn your phone off and just do it.”

Melanie Carnigilia, 23, psychology

“Start early and prepare to go on no sleep.”

Margaret Newton, 20, communications

“Be prepared, do not cram.”

Maria Winkley, 19, bioscience

“I cram mostly.”

Luis Ramirez, 19, computer science

“Go to the library.”

Donna Zang, 19, communications

“In the library.”

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