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The Buzz: How do you get to school?

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Carolina Cabrera

“I can’t get here on time.  There is a very set (bus) schedule.”

Andrelyn Mancera, 20, Biology


Carolina Cabrera

“When you are out of cash it’s hard, it’s up to the bus driver to take you or not.”

Cesar Cortez, 37, Communications


Michael Gutierrez

“I personally drive but it takes 40-45 minutes.”

Rebecca Slightam, 21, Kinesiology

Michael Gutierrez

“I take a motor-scooter because it’s more affordable.”

Feng Ping, 28, Pre-nursing


Phillip Cordero

“I take the bus and I personally don’t like it.”

Kyle Kessinger, 20, Undecided

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The Buzz: How do you get to school?