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Letter to the Editor: Parking at DVC is problematic

Nick Abalos, Guest writer

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The parking situation here at Diablo Valley Community College is notoriously frustrating. Not only is that, but it is unethical.

It is a system that is unfair to us the students, unfair to the families living in the surrounding neighborhoods, and unfair parents of some of those students that have to buy them parking passes or pay for tickets and vouchers daily.

According to an article written in the Mercury News out reported that in 2013 there were 28,000 students attending DVC and that there were only 800 parking spots available.

A year later, the Bay Area News Group published in the East Bay Times that 100 spots were opened that year when construction equipment was moved and that it was possible to add around 60 more near Valley View Middle if there was a million dollar investment to repave and paint spaces. Nearly 1,000 parking spaces is a far cry from the 28,000. If we suppose that half of the DVC students buy parking passes at 48$ a semester that’s 1.34 million dollars every year NOT including summer semester.

I know it is not realistic to have more parking made, but could we AT LEAST lower the cost of the pass? Or possibly use some of that money to do something with the derelict DVC plaza on Golf Club Road? Either of those things would at least be a step forward towards a more fair and reasonable parking policy.

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Letter to the Editor: Parking at DVC is problematic