Letter to the Editor: Students should be able to replace their parking permits

Ethan Navarro, Guest writer

This is my first semester at Diablo Valley College, and as a graduate from College Park High School, I am familiar with the area, specifically with parking. I was told by my mother and peers to purchase a parking permit because I get to class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 a.m. What I was brought to the screen that told me that the parking permit cost $48, I was surprised because just across the street, parking permits cost $25. Of course I had to buy the permit because since I commute less than 5 minutes to DVC, I tend to push my luck and need t print out a temporary parking permit, which would expire after a few days. For the first few days of fall semester school it was nice getting a close parking spot for my 8 a.m.

One my paring permit finally came in, my mom told me that it was on the table. I took a look at it and decided I would put it on my car the next day. When the next day had come I forgot about the parking permit so I kept using my temporary parking permit. Time came when the temporary parking permit was going to expire so I went to grab my parking permit to put onto my car. Although I was to able to find it, so I asked my mom of she had seen it. She said I though you had already put it on your car, because I threw the envelope in the garbage. When I heard the my heart was basically broken. Nearly $50 down the drain. my mom said there myst be a way to get a new one without paying the $48 again, so the neck day I went and asked around. I was ultimately directed towards police services, but once I had told them the story they said that I would have to cancel my current parking permit and purchase a new one. This was heartbreaking once again! All hope was lost until one go my classmates who told us she was a police aid told me that I could totally get a replacement parking permit. Now I was excited so the next day I went to police services again and told them what I had learned about recovering a trashed parking permit. Unfortunately, they said the same thing as last time and I would have to pat $48 to get a new one.

So Mondays through Thursdays I get my morning brisk and evening hot walks just because police services wants another $48.

I think this makes no sense, why would they need me to pay again. Let’s say someone pretends to lose their parking permit and gets another one before this rule was put in place just so they could give one other buddies a free pass. Wouldn’t police services be able to tell if the parking permit is being used twice because of the same code that is on the parking permits.

I just wish police services would understand that I walk every Monday-Thursday just because my mom threw away my parking permit. That police services understood I wasn’t scamming them and that I already paid $48 to get a sticky square that would let me park in between two white lines.

If I have the temporary paper of my parking permit, why can’t I just use that?