Letter to the Editor: Student Appreciates Inquirer’s Coverage of Accreditation Issue

I am writing to thank The Inquirer staff on their up-to-date reporting on DVC’s accreditation battle. It’s on the mind of every DVC student but the information coming from the higher-ups has been minimal. I think that The Inquirer has been an outstanding and easily available source in gaining news on the effort to keep DVC’s accreditation. You give the students what they want to know and don’t beat around the bush.

Articles on the subject such as the one printed March 5 have been very helpful in my understanding of what has been happening and what could happen to DVC. The efforts to keep our school afloat have not gone unnoticed and many students want to know more about what DVC staff is doing to accomplish this. Many conversations with friends in the quad have been centered on the issue and whether or not this will affect our plans to transfer or gain an AA degree.

This is the most important issue for all DVC students and I think as students we should always be well aware of the future of our school. If I had one critique I would ask if it would be possible for The Inquirer to post useful websites and contacts at the end of each article if students were interested in diving deeper into the accreditation situation. Otherwise I think you guys are doing a great job and keep up the good work!

[Editors Note: Thank you for sharing your interest in the administrations ongoing attempt to resolve the college’s accreditation issues. For those, like you, interested in learning more, the president’s office has published all the relevant documents on the home page of the DVC website dvc.edu. Happy hunting.]