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Letter to the Editor: Schedule change is for the best

Caitlin Panopio

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To whoever it may concern,

Reading that a lot of students and teachers are now complaining with the new 16-week schedule, I understood the concerns were valid. Classes now are running earlier and ending later, and it is a big adjustment to some, especially those who have fixed schedules already.

I have strongly agreed to the 16-week schedule beforehand, knowing the purpose is to enable students to enroll in the winter break session, and I am actually one of those students. I can only take as much classes in one semester, and I’m planning to take the other subjects either on winter or summer break.

The two extra weeks to prepare for another short semester is actually a big help as there is an ample of time for me to rest and get ready. Though I understand that to some, they have to take more subjects.

It is really different for everyone. Time management is a really tricky subject, you can only do so much in a day. I’d like to see how the 16-week schedule concludes this semester, if it works for a lot students or if it is more of a burden.

Change is usually uncomfortable and challenging even for the right reasons, but if it hurts students and faculty more than it helps them, then I think the management should re-assess the situation and find a middle ground that works best for everyone. After all, community college is the right school for people like me who balances work and school thus, schedule matters are everything.

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Letter to the Editor: Schedule change is for the best