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Out of Bounds: Giving thanks for Bay Area sports

Editor-in-chief Jonathan Roisman (Chris Corbin/The Inquirer )

As I sit here eating my split pea soup in Santa Nella, I realize that Thanksgiving was already celebrated in Canada – October 11, to be exact. It’s getting me thinking about what I have to be thankful for in the sporting world.

Sure, the 49ers and Raiders are terrible, the Sharks will most likely disappoint us in the playoffs, the Warriors will have another sub-.500 season, the A’s will continue to have an usual number of injuries as they try to support their team for less than what A-Rod, CC, and Mark Teixeira make combined, and the Giants, well, they’re doing just fine, actually.

Still, let’s take a look at these six professional sports franchises and see what positives we can find. It shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

49ers: You should all know I’ll never abandon the now defunct Alex Smith bandwagon, even as it’s about to crash and burn forever in San Francisco. However, there will probably be a lot of changes next year in the city by the bay. I’d be surprised to see Mike Singletary, most of the coaching staff, or Smith back next year. Hopefully, owner Jed York will craft a new team based around talent and skill, and not a bunch of theatrics. It can’t get any worse for the 49ers than it is right now.

Raiders: Al Davis grew another year older.

Athletics: Oakland always puts a competitive team together, regardless of its payroll. Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill lead a very promising group of young starting pitchers, while 1B/OF Chris Carter and outfielder Michael Taylor look to be an exciting pair of young hitters that could jumpstart the A’s sluggish offense. If their team stays healthy, they’ll have a decent shot at the playoffs in 2011, but when was the last time they actually stayed healthy?

Giants: They’re in the World Series! No matter what happens next year, Giants fans will never forget this one. Did any of you put money down in Vegas before the season, predicting that San Francisco would make it this far? If so, lucky you.

Warriors: I don’t think anyone is expecting big things from Golden State this year, but the fact that they have new ownership is something worth celebrating. David Lee’s contract is not, however. Still, the Warriors future is no longer dark; just hazy.

Sharks: It’s almost certain San Jose will clinch another playoff berth, so at least we’ll get to see them blow it in the final couple of playoff rounds again – I mean, win the Stanley Cup. Seriously though, the Sharks always put together an exciting product on the ice, and you know there’s a chance they could win it all.

This is a fairly pessimistic list of “thank you’s,” but that’s what you get for living in the Bay Area. Just remember, the Giants are in the World Series, the A’s are young and (possibly) talented, the 49ers and Raiders can’t get any worse (well, never close the book on Oakland with Al Davis in charge), the Warriors finally have competent ownership, and the Sharks always fool us before breaking our hearts.


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Jonathan Roisman
Jonathan Roisman, Editor-in-chief
Co-editor-in-chief, fall 2010.

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Out of Bounds: Giving thanks for Bay Area sports