Transfer alert: SJSU considers eliminating PE

Keith Montes, Managing editor

If you intend to transfer to San Jose State University, you might not be able to take any physical activity courses next year. It has been suggested that this entire program at SJSU be cut in order to aid in balancing a $20 million budget deficit.

Kiyan Kazemi, who works as an instructor’s aid in the DVC weight room, is currently enrolled at both DVC and SJSU. He was unaware that this cut was being proposed. Upon being informed, Kazemi said, “I disagree with them cutting these classes. It may help in the short term but will hurt us in the long term.”

Others also disagree with this proposed measure. In response to the proposed cuts student Jim Cope, a DVC personal training major says, “It sucks. It is totally awful.”

Dr. Shirley Reekie, the chair of the department of kinesiology at SJSU, is responsible for coordinating a state-wide effort in an attempt to preserve this program. Reekie has created an online petition at titled “Save the SJSU Physical Activity Program”, which has received 3,252 online signatures as of 1:10pm on May 1.

DVC physical education department Chair Ralph Depew says, “The discipline of kinesiology plays a vital role in education and in society”,…The reality of the situation is that students who wish to gain a degree in kinesiology, which is sixth or seventh most popular degree in the nation, would not be able to complete their degree.”

According to Depew, every physical education instructor at Diablo Valley College, both part-time and full-time, has signed the online petition. This petition is being circulated throughout all California State universities, many California community colleges and has also received support from the national American Kinesiology Association.

If this cut goes through, SJSU would be the only California State University to not offer physical activity courses. Reekie proclaims, “If they read some of the research on the value of physical activity, it would be hard for them not to agree that it is greatly beneficial to student health and well being.”