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Vikings’ LAX: Strength through unity

DVC Vikings’ Lacrosse finished their fifth season with an impressive 12-4 record, their best season finish since their establishment in 2008. Despite ending the season with a disappointing 8-12 loss to St Mary’s College, the team’s achievements throughout the season proved that despite being just a “club team”, their caliber as athletes is not to be overlooked.

Highlights of the season include wins over Chico State University, Simon Frasier University, UC Davis, and of course – Stanford University.

“We played as a team and as a family on those days,” explained goalie Alec Hamlin. “We were a family more this year than in years past. We played like brothers day in and day out – we bleed and fought for each other in every game.”

The win over Stanford was certainly an accomplishment the Vikings were immensely proud of. The frustrating loss to UC Berkeley at the Davis tournament only fuelled the Vikings’ determination prior to the Stanford game.

The Stanford game met with both excitement and grim resolution by the DVC team. Goals were hard earned and constantly matched, resulting in a mostly even score throughout the game. During the game, coach Dean Wallahan emphasized the importance of not only controlling the ball, but the pace and the tempo of the game.

“We need to take the lead and never give it back,” said Wallahan during the halftime break. “This is what we practiced for. We’re going to bring it to them.”

The suspense in the atmosphere hardly faded as the game progressed, with both teams fighting down to literally the last second. Midfielder Cory Callahan managed to even the score to 11-11, with a mere 2:50 minutes left in the last quarter. The subsequent face-off was won, allowing the Vikings to gain crucial possession. It was clear that DVC was not here to tie, but to win.

A desperate slash to Callahan by a Stanford defender afflicted them with a damaging penalty. With one man up, the Vikings seized the opportunity. Callahan found his revenge, and scored with less than a minute left on the clock. The 12-11 win to DVC was met with a surge and uproar of excitement from both the team and the crowd, with the sidelined players rushing on the field to embrace those on the field.

The Vikings continued with their momentum by securing their second win against UC Davis the following week, 15-12.

While many of the players while be transferring or leaving DVC next year, it is evident that the players all share both a brotherly bond and a genuine passion for lacrosse.

“Year after year, our team continues to improve,” said captain Devon Bahary. “We had an amazing season and we our victories this season brought more pride to our program.  I felt closer as a team than I have felt in the years before.”

“If there’s one guarantee about DVC lacrosse, it’s that it will always be great lacrosse,” summarized defender Brandon Hall – much to the agreement of his teammates.

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Samantha Chiu
Samantha Chiu, Managing editor
Samantha Chiu is the spring 2013 managing editor. She was sports editor in fall 2012.

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Vikings’ LAX: Strength through unity