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Shoot and tie

Midfielder Delia Jimenez aims a pass upfield to her forwards in Friday’s game against Ohlone. The game ended in a tie, with a final score of 2-2 on Sept. 6.

The Vikings improved their record to 1-0-2 on Friday, Sept. 6, maintaining an undefeated record with a 2-2 tie against Ohlone.

While facing tougher opponents in Cabrillo of Santa Cruz and Ohlone of Fremont, the women’s soccer team seemed to have their work cut out for them. But again, despite having no game film to study their opponent, DVC put up a great showcase of talent and teamwork on Friday against Ohlone.

Heavy pressure was put on the defense right from the start. After opening kickoff the ball seemed to be stalemated in the midfield for quite some time, with starters Krista Bartzi, Alicia Palma and Pamela Ramos
battling back and forth against a host of Ohlone players. Emily Cremisio was also aiding in the mid with defensive play and vocal call-outs.

After a series of swapping ball possessions and throw-ins, Ohlone caught a breakaway. Cremisio was stopped up in the flat, and starting goalkeeper Jenn Crider’s save attempt fell short, despite coming to the front of the box to block the shot, making it 1-0 Ohlone.

Head coach Cailin Mullins mentioned that this this year’s team has pride, and the fact that they were down two times and came back two times is a testament to that pride.

“It is an impressive part of our team’s character, and that is hard to do,” Mullins said.

And answer back they did. Following a corner kick, the Vikings were able to get the ball out from in front of their goal, and back to midfield where a swarm of players dribbled it straight through Ohlone’s defense, right to the front of their goal.

Liliana Cobian knocked it in on a short shot that deflected off of a defender’s foot. The assist was unattributed, tying the game at 1-1.

With the game tied up and halftime approaching, the Viking defenders really had to get involved. But when a high Ohlone lob shot from left-mid sailed over the defense, it was just out of the reach of a jumping Crider to give Ohlone a 2-1 lead before the half.

“She just said we needed to work together more on defense because we were spread out too far, and you need to cover and keep pressure in the second half,” said Bartzi of coach Mullins’ halftime speech.

The halftime speech must have worked because the Vikings came out of the half with some stalwart defense. Led by goalkeeper Megan Elms, DVC didn’t give up another point for the rest of the game. Elms proceeded to have several sliding saves during the remainder of the second half, as well as some great passes and communication.

“Our defense was the main part of it, they stayed strong through everything and worked their butts off to get back and help me out, so it was definitely a team effort,” Elms said.

Following a barely missed free-kick by Delia Jimenez, the Vikings were able to tie it up right before the final whistle with a beautiful lob shot by Katarina Gentry. The shot sailed from the far corner, over the Ohlone keeper and nestled right in the left side of the net. She was assisted by several Vikings on the play.

DVC finished with a total of seven shots on goal to Ohlone’s 10.
The next home game is on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 4 p.m. against Fremont.

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Shoot and tie