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Close, but no clinch

The DVC Viking Classic Volleyball Tournament. September 13, 2013. Pleasant Hill, CA. (Andrew Barber/ The Inquirer)

The Vikings fastened together a one win, one
loss outing during the hosted DVC volleyball classic on Friday, Sept. 13.
against visiting Merced and Solano College.

To kick off the classic, DVC bested a competitive Merced squad, pushing the game to max sets. After winning the first two, and losing the second two, it all came down to the fifth and final set – of which DVC rolled on to win 25-18.

With cramping muscles and fatigued legs the Vikings charged into this tournament with more cons than pros. Not only was this the first collegiate double-header for many of the players, but two starters were injured as well; outside hitter Kelsey Draper, who was getting x-rays for a leg injury, and Claire Hannigan who was out due to a minor concussion. With game fatigue taking its toll, DVC and the new lineup had to prepare for a match against a challenging 4-2 Solano squad following a four hour break in play.

“To have that break in between, you could tell that when we came out in that first set of our match against Solano, we were not ready. They were still tight, and tired… it takes a toll on you,” head coach Jackie Ponciano-Babb said of DVC’s final match of the tournament.

DVC underwent a straight-sets loss on the match, despite a valiant effort that sparked a very close comeback in the third set.
The match started with a very high tempo and energy as well, but the Vikings had trouble keeping up with the fast pace of game play, being that it was the last game of the tournament.

The first set rapidly climbed to a 12-2 Solano lead, with DVC’s first points coming on net balls during Solano service. Amanda Jarquin served long to make it 13-2. Several serve changes later, a set by Belinda Yan and a kill by Lindsey Wood that was in by just inches on the back line brought them closer, making it 16-8. A Kaitlyn Welsh ace kept the set alive raising DVC’s score from 10 to 11, but they went on to lose the set 11-25.

After switching sides of the net, and a string of digs and net balls later, the score rested at 8-1 in favor of Solano. The Vikings had their backs against the wall following a line violation and a carry, however the defense did improve in the second set. With a beach dig by Welsh and a dump shot by Kaitlyn Vaught, the score bettered to 9-4. The big defensive plays sparked a rally led by server Jarquin. The impressive serves, including a mid-court ace, brought the score to 11-13 but that would be the closest they would get to the lead. Solano took the set, 25-17.

“It’s important not to mess up on your serve because that’s what starts the whole play. I like serving because it does start the whole play… It’s fun being in control, because that is the only part of volleyball that you are alone – it’s like a mental game, so I was just trying to stay focused and not nervous,” Jarquin said.

DVC nabbed the lead for the first time in the match on the third set, after a spike by Lindsey Wood which was slide-set by defensive specialist Casey Bennett to start off the set 1-0. However a DVC net ball and subsequent mishits brought the score to 12-3 Solano. The home field advantage seemed to be working against the Vikings however, with several high hits bouncing on the rafters and basketball hoops, and landing in Solano’s favor. Be that as it may, it did not stop the Vikings from putting forth a massive rally late in the set to make it 21-20 Solano. A solo block by Hannigan and another Jarquin kill brought it down to the wire, 24-23 Solano. But after a Yan serve and a successful Solano return, they went on to win the set 25-23 concluding the DVC classic.

When talking about the last set of the tournament, Wood described the feeling of game play as being juiced. “As you could tell I was pretty pumped,” exclaimed Wood.

Jarquin also added: “I think that was another reason why we were doing good, it was because we were having fun, we were more loose, and it was just less stressful… and we were playing back row,” she said with a laugh.

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Close, but no clinch