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Vikings stalemate San Joaquin

Midfielder Pamela Ramos (8) and defender Haley Paxton (12) intercept the ball from Delta at the DVC soccer field on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013 (Gustavo Vasquez/ The Inquirer)

DVC tied San Joaquin Delta College on Tuesday, Oct. 1, concluding their third game of league play, and tenth game overall.

The first nominal play came from a very athletic one-handed save by starting goalkeeper Jenn Crider. The game was very physical, and both the Vikings and Mustangs seemed to be evenly matched in terms of speed and ability.

“Soccer is a physical game, and you got to put yourself out on the line. If the ref makes a call, he makes a call,” said team captain Emily Cremisio.

After several fierce back and forth possessions that lasted about 20 minutes, DVC had a superb display of teamwork, taking advantage of their field position. With 20:11 left in the first half, the Vikings wrought an impressive one-timer head shot off of a lob pass to the front of the San Joaquin goal of which, settled into the right side of the net, giving them the lead 1-0.

The header was directed by Callie Goodman, who raced up from her normal position, capitalizing on a well-placed lob kick from the DVC side’s corner by Alicia Palma, who received credit for the assist.

“I just felt it, I just believed in my teammates, I didn’t sit back, I got forward, and believed I could get the ball in it was a team effort, and I am just glad I could finish it,” exclaimed Goodman about the goal.

Following a Delta foul, DVC had a free kick in between midfield and the San Joaquin goal. The shot went high, despite the combined efforts of Goodman and Alicia Palma, for a fake combo-shot that threw off Delta’s defense. The whistle blew after the shot, sending the Vikings to the half with a 1-0 lead.

Traditionally switching keepers at the half, DVC continued to play good soccer with goalkeeper Megan Elms contributing two big saves right off the bat.

Katarina Gentry had a breakaway a couple of switches later, but she was too fast for her own good when the ball was knocked out of her possession by the San Joaquin keeper, sending it up in the air and out of play.

The corner kick was taken by Karla Hernandez, which resulted in a great two and a half minutes of ball control on the Delta side.

Right after the drive there was a lot of clutter right in front of DVC’s goal. The clutter resulted in a lob shot into the DVC box that came very close to Elms. Cremisio caught a shot in the face after heading the ball out, drawing another Delta foul.

Elms had several saves following another Delta foul on captain Pamela Ramos. Things started to get very physical after a yellow card foul on Haley Paxton, however that drive took a turn for the worst with a Delta breakaway, and Elms’ diving attempt fell short, tying the game 1-1 with five minutes left in the game.

On the ensuing drive the physicality of the game took a turn for the worst when Cremisio endured a blatant elbow to her chest by a Delta forward. Cremisio ended up with a yellow card, while the Delta forward was red carded, taking her out of the game.

The last big play of the game was a body block by Delia Jimenez on a Delta free kick with less than two minutes to play. The game ended with a 1-1 tie.

Despite the tie, DVC will still receive one point towards the Big 8 bracket, bettering their chances when it comes time for playoffs which are 11 games away.

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Vikings stalemate San Joaquin