Oh, Canada: DVC miscues contribute to loss to Simon Frasier

Roshan Rahimi

“There’s an old joke that says Canadians are born with a Hockey stick in one hand, and a lacrosse stick in the other” said club advisor Terry Armstrong. He went on to say, “This will be the most daunting game of the season for us. This is a NCAA division 2 school with very high quality players.”

The DVC Lacrosse Club would run out of time before they could catch up to Simon Frasier University on Saturday, Oct.12, with a final score of 12-5.


The stands filled up with fans from both DVC and SFU, and the players stepped onto the field.

Within the first couple of minutes, SFU took repeated shots on goal, which were all skillfully saved by goalie Caleb Pryle. The beginning of the game centered on tension and pressure from both ends of the field, causing numerous interferences, calls, and a broken shaft left on the field.


SFU would kick off the game by scoring the first goal. During the first quarter, SFU’s attack completely shut down the Viking’s defense, keeping the ball on their half for majority of the quarter. Several attempts were made by DVC’s attack, but all assists were ended without goals. The first quarter ended with SFU in the lead, 3-0.

The Vikings started off strong in the second quarter with several assists by midfielder Jakob Ternes. Ternes then amped up the energy by driving a shot into the right corner of the goal.

Midfielder Jordan Louis would keep up the intensity throughout the second quarter by winning various face offs, leading the Vikings with control of the ball in SFU’s half. Attempts by attack Cal Boone, and attack Devon Bahary would allow for an increase in pressure on the tight Simon Frasier defensive line.

With the second quarter in play, things started to look up for DVC, including beautiful teamwork and plays between Pryle and defender Jared Malin. These two players were the main reason SFU was prevented from scoring goals, working together to keep guard around the goal.

The second quarter would end with Bahary coming up from behind the left side of the goal and shooting a crisp shot into the lower left corner of the box. The score at halftime was 5-2, SFU in front.


DVC would make many mistakes in the third quarter, which would really hurt them in the fourth. The Vikings defense repeatedly made sloppy mistakes, unlike their usual play, causing more frustration.

Within the first couple of minutes of the third quarter SFU would score again. However, long stick middle Kenneth Luke would hold his ground constantly throughout the game. Luke repeatedly drilled up the field with the ball in his possession, and was responsible for an abundant amount of assists, hits, and interceptions.

Defender Kevin Cavanaugh did not allow his long stick to hold him back from attacking SFU’s defense and striving to score. Unfortunately, the results of the third quarter would end with SFU up by 7 goals.


It was the fourth quarter that instilled some hope within the Vikings fans, secondary to the team’s energized return. The Vikings scored a few goals in the fourth to save face. However, the many mishaps in the third were what caused the Vikings to lose to Simon Frasier University, with a final score of 12-5.


After the game, Ternes went on to say, “This game will become motivation for us, because we have so much more to offer.”

Midfielder Carson Mead said, “I am disappointed because we expected more of this game competitively, but everyone fought hard. This game will definitely be used as motivation to improve us.”

Although mistakes cost the Vikings the game, they intend to use it as motivation, and strive for more wins in the future.