Lacrosse team honors All-American swimmer.

Nov. 23 was the night Viking stadium filled with nothing but love, support and the will to live, according to the DVC Viking Lacrosse website.

The Diablo Valley Lacrosse Club teamed up with the American Cancer society to honor Lauren McCullough, an all American girl and DVC swimmer who has been fighting against her recent diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma since May.

The article notes that, although there was a lacrosse game that night, lacrosse would be far down the list secondary to the other exciting events in store for the benefit.

The speeches made that night were started off by McCullough. She inspired the crowd of 300 people — the largest amount of attendees for a DVC lacrosse game — with her journey through chemotherapy, losing her hair, and the uphill battle she’s willing to fight ahead of her.

After, Dean Wallahan presented McCullough with the # 1 Lacrosse jersey and club president Devon Bahary went on to present her with a picture of the team, and other lacrosse goodies.

The night ended with a wistful victory for the fired up Vikings with a final score of 13-2 against the Santa Rosa Junior College Bear Clubs. By the end of the night, through all the sponsoring of devoted fans and supporters, a total of $1,219 was raised to help McCullough’s cause.

The article also mentions a site for anybody that would like to follow McCullough’s progress through her fight, which can be found at Followers can also find links to communicate with McCullough and/or donate to her movement.