Napa Earthquake “Shakes” Up DVC Quarterback

Taylor Pagan, Staff member

For most DVC students, Napa’s 6.0 earthquake on Aug 24 was nothing more than a mere hiccup in their nighttime sleep.

However, for Adam Nesheim, a quarterback on DVC’s football team, Sunday’s earthquake was anything but a minor wake up.

Nesheim was in Napa visiting his aunt at the time of the event. Waking up for his cliché midnight snack of milk and cookies, he found himself searching through the fridge right when the quake hit.

At first, Nesheim did not  realize what was happening. His first thought was that maybe he had grabbed ahold of the refrigerator door too roughly. It wasn’t until he turned around and saw the ceiling fan violently shaking that he realized he was experiencing an earthquake.

“(Stuff’s) about to fall,” he thought. As elementary earthquake readiness drills flashed through his mind, he considered hiding under a table. However, considering the nearest table was located a room away, Nesheim decided to just stay put.

With his Aunt’s entire wine cabinet toppled over and glass shattered across the floor, Nesheim recalls a strong scent of alcohol filling the entire house.

After searching the house for a flashlight, Nesheim took his dog, whose paw was bleeding, and went outside for a walk.

“The neighbors were all outside and all the lights were off. We had no power, and everyone had flashlights,” he said.

Despite the damages and loss of power, Nesheim and his family remained safe and are fine now.