Vikings stave off Gladiators

Erin Smith, Staff member

In their home opener, the DVC Vikings got their second win of the year with a 26-10 score over the Chabot Gladiators.

The Gladiators started off strong, scoring the game’s first touchdown. In the beginning, DVC struggled with their passing game but were finally able to put points on the scoreboard when kicker Brandon Brown made a field goal at the end of the first quarter.

DVC started off the second quarter with a couple of close scoring attempts but continued to struggle breaking through the goal line.  The failures to score prompted quarterback Drew Anderson to tell his team “We’re killing ourselves out there guys!”, as was overheard on the sidelines.

This display of leadership by the quarterback helped the team focus and finally get into the end zone with a six yard pass from Anderson to wide receiver Marcus Armstrong-Brown. The touchdown gave the Vikings their first lead of the game.

Chabot was able to tie up the game with a field goal, but DVC took the lead for good with a 32 yard field goal by Brown at the end of the 2nd quarter.

Running backs D’amora Cooper and Malachi Dawson gained several yards in the beginning of the third quarter leading up to a pass from Anderson to Cornwell, securing DVC’s lead.

After the game Cooper said, “We’re just getting started we’re all a little nervous, but everyday we’re getting better.”

The defense began to show their stuff in the third quarter, especially a hard hit by defensive back Justin James to Chabots running back.

The Vikings held off Chabot for the remainder of the game as DVC scored two more field goals ending the game at 26-10, giving DVC their second win of the season.

Cooper later said, “I think we’ll do good this year, we’ll make the playoffs for sure. The coaches are preparing us, getting us ready for the season.”

Wide receiver Nick Johnson said, “We’re all a team. We’re gonna come together and work as one.”

The Vikings head out of town for the next week, but return Friday, Sept. 25th. Be sure to get out and support the team!


Revised version contains quotes that were not present in the previous version.