Vikings looking forward

Erin Smith, Inquirer Staff

The DVC Vikings failed to get a victory last Friday due to an upsetting interception in triple overtime, resulting in a 48-42 loss to the Siskiyous Eagles.

DVC came out strong with a thirteen point lead in the first half, but things quickly began to fall apart after half-time. The Eagles managed to score three touchdowns in a row, one of which was due to a fumble, bringing the score to 20-21.

Siskiyous scored again at the end of the third quarter off another interception bringing the score to 20-28. DVC managed to tie it up, but they were quickly met by another touchdown from the Eagles, bringing the score to 28-35.

Tensions were high for the Vikings at this time until DVC tied it up again, taking the game into overtime at 35-35.

Bystanders were on the edge of their seats as the two teams went back and forth in overtime. DVC initially scored, but were unable to stave off the Eagles bringing it back to a tie and taking the game in to a double overtime. Siskiyous took the game in triple overtime off an interception.

Head coach Mike Darr commented, “We’ve had two very gut wrenching losses.” He equates the issues the team is facing to a slew of injuries causing key players to sit out games. He remains confident. “We have some guys coming back this week. We need to get back to full strength.”

Freshman offensive lineman, Rangel Lowry said, “We started out good and then we just made little mistakes and let it get away from us. It was a good game though.”

As far as the future goes, Lowry continued, “I think we’re gonna do good if we just communicate.”

Coach Darr also commented, “We’re always confident going in. We feel we got a good plan going in. They’re a very good football team.”

The Vikings head to Sierra to take on the Wolverines on Oct. 3rd.

They return home on Oct. 16th to face DeAnza at 7:00 pm.

Story was updated due to misinformation.