Vikings tie up the Pirates

Alejandro Ramos, Editor in Chief

The Diablo Valley College Vikings clinched a playoff spot with a 3-3 tie against the Modesto Junior College Pirates in the last home game of the season.

The Pirates capitalized on the Vikings slow start with strong offensive plays that led to their early first half goals. The Pirates took advantage and scored as the Vikings’ players and coaching staff looked to the referee for a foul call on forward Julia Curran.

Down two goals, the Vikings continued to fight and found their rhythm late in the first half. Midfielders Karla Ramos and Hailey Sigur came in and changed the flow of the game. They took control of the wings and created opportunities to score. Their efforts came through after Hailey Sigur and Julia Curran scored goals to equalize as the first half came to an end.

“We were kind of low energy and didn’t seem like we were completely engaged in,” said coach Cailin Mullins. “Then we saw that we were getting some chances and finally put one away and that gave us the belief that we can compete with this team.”

With the game tied up, both teams came into the second half looking for a win. The Pirates scored a goal in the 60th minute and continued to apply pressure, keeping the Vikings on the defensive.

As the game was winding down, the Vikings went all out for a last attack. Gabby Silva chased a loose ball down the left wing and crossed it. Just as the Pirates’ goalkeeper was about to scoop up the ball, Karla Ramos ran in and kicked it away to give Julia Curran a chance to score her second goal.

“It just shows how strong our team can be. Unfortunately, we always wait ‘til the end to score,” said Julia Curran. “I don’t know why that is. Just our luck.”

“I’m proud of the group for competing for ninety minutes and giving ourselves a chance to stay in the mix of things for the playoffs,” said Mullins.

The Vikings will play their last away game of the season on Friday, Nov. 13 against the San Joaquin Delta College Mustangs.