Vikings Women’s Basketball primed for playoffs


Erin Smith

Forward Brandy Williams blocks a score in a Big 8 Tournament.

Erin Smith, Inquirer Staff

Diablo Valley College women’s basketball team has been coasting through the Big 8 with nine wins and only five losses. Last Friday was no exception, Sophomore guard Raeona Ford came out strong and secured the first of many shots for DVC.

Safiyya Yasin did an amazing job guarding the post as Ford went in for another shot and sunk it. Modesto struggled to compete with ‘s Yasin’s ability to keep them at bay as she managed to score.

Modesto was able to get a few points on the board, but DVC dominated and ended the first quarter with a three pointer by front guard Jojuan Carrington bringing the score to 15 – 8.

Ford once again started DVC off with a beautiful shot and DVC continued to control the ball. Modesto fouled Ford who made both free throws, followed by a three pointer from freshman Cecilia Cueno, 24 – 12.

Modesto lost focus and started fouling left and right giving DVC more opportunities to score. Modesto then managed to sink a three pointer bringing the score to 33 – 18, Vikings lead.

Modesto recovered the ball and scored with mere seconds remaining in the first half but they were no match for DVC’s superior ball handling, 37 – 20.

Freshman guard Brandy Williams, gained two points off of free throws, giving DVC an 18 point lead. Modesto’s attempts to recover were debilitated by the number of fouls they committed. Ford scored yet again and Yasin gained two more free throws, giving DVC an even greater lead at 50 – 24.

DVC took out the third quarter with a few more great plays, ending in a score of 59 – 28.

Modesto managed to get in a three pointer in the fourth quarter, but it was to no avail. Good teamwork and handling allowed the Vikings to move the ball more efficiently and score more points ending the game at 79 – 43.

After the game, Ford commented on the team’s stellar performance, “As a team we played really good. No one was selfish, we played really good defense.” She also mentioned that they played well as a unit and were able to move the ball up the court successfully.

Assistant Coach Matt Johnson agreed, “This game, the team worked hard. We worked on defense on the outside.”

Vikings Women’s Basketball next plays Contra Costa Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. at DVC.