DVC dealing with spring sports rainouts

Julianna Cardinale, Sports editor

As we all know, California is in a drought. For about the next week we are expecting to get a substantial amount of rain up and down the state. Although this is nice for overcoming the drought, it isn’t nice for the spring sports at Diablo Valley College.

Already DVC has had both Men’s and Women’s tennis matches and a baseball game postponed due to the rain, and there could be more to come in the upcoming week with all this rain coming our way.

With baseball and softball, rain usually makes for sub par field conditions for the athletes to play on. The same thing can be said for tennis. We wouldn’t really want the players to be sliding around on the court.

The rainouts are causing teams to reschedule games and matches forcing them, in some cases, to play multiple times in one day. This isn’t just physically tough on athletes, it is also tough on them as students. Because of these rainouts the students are having to find other time to finish homework and makeup work that they missed from class.

On the other hand, outdoor fall sports like soccer, lacrosse and football don’t really have to deal much with rainout because rain is not really not a factor. These sports can be played rain or shine. The field conditions really don’t change enough to cause the games to be postponed.

Although we definitely need love and need the rain, when it comes to spring sports it is the last thing that we want to see on the weather report for game day.