Hawkeyes take flight over Vikings Baseball


Julianna Cardinale

Starting pitcher Billy Babb (#23) gives up 7 hits and three earned runs in game against Consumes River on Thursday, March 31.

Erin Smith, Inquirer Staff

The Diablo Valley College baseball team got a second chance to redeem themselves Thursday, March 31, after a dismal 7-1 loss to Consumes River in their last meeting.

Consumes River started off the first inning at bat and DVC quickly managed three outs, thanks to starting pitcher Billy Babb. Outfielder Zachary Guardino sent a chopper over the third baseman getting him to first. Two more hits got Guardino to third where he was ultimately stranded resulting in a scoreless first inning.

The second began with a walk for the Hawkeyes, but DVC quickly responded with a double play, and after one more hit Babb retired the side.

Bradley Gosiengfiao and Daniel Defazio would start off the inning with back-to-back hits, and advanced to second and third on a fielder’s choice, but the Vikings were unable to bring them home and the score remained, 0-0.

DVC once again started the third inning off with a walk, but made quick work of getting three outs there after. Anthony Taliaferro took first in the bottom of the third but DVC managed little else.

Some excitement was finally achieved at the top of the fourth as Consumes River took third off a pop fly, DVC defense tried to hold their own, but the Hawkeyes scored, 1-0, and managed to bring in another run as DVC’s defense struggled to control the ball bringing the score to 2-0. Hawkeyes had players on second and third remaining and 2 outs when a line drove in yet another run, 3-0, Hawkeyes lead.

Gosiengfiao hit a line drive, Defiazo followed with a bunt to first with no outs. A bunt by John Anthon sent Gosiengfiao out at third and a double play by Consumes River sent DVC back to the field.

A caught pop fly gave DVC the second out and they managed to make quick work of the Hawkeyes in the top of the fifth. Guardino took first with a deep ball to right field and Taliaferro walked to first pushing him to second, but a double play by the Hawkeyes ended the fifth inning, 3-0 Hawkeyes.

The sixth inning went by quick with three up and three down.

DVC put in pitcher, Riley Moore, but a walk is still allowed with Consumes River on second and third. Now with bases loaded Moore managed to strike out the next batter, but with one more out needed a drive past first got Consumes River two more runs bringing the score to 5-0. With players on first and third the Hawkeyes stole second and yet another walk got the bases loaded. DVC switched pitchers again, this time to Guardino, and three outs were managed.

DVC took first and second in the bottom of the seventh but Consumes River defense proved too much for the Vikings and the inning quickly ended.

Andrew King began pitching for DVC in the eighth inning, but to no avail. The Hawkeyes quickly had players reach second and third and a walk once again got the bases loaded with no outs. DVC defense got to work and managed a double play with outs at home and first base. Another walk loaded the bases again for the Hawkeyes, but DVC desperately got the third out they needed.

Consumes River got three fast outs in the bottom of the eighth and after getting the bases loaded in the top of the ninth were still unable to score. DVC struck out the bottom of the ninth and ended the game scoreless, 5-0.

After the game starting pitcher Billy Babb said, “I feel like we pitch to win every game. We hit the ball pretty well the first game, this one not so much.” As far as where to improve he said, “We got to figure out how to get the ball where they aren’t. Also, coming together in the next inning and try to score runs.”

The Big 8 Conference is the toughest in California and DVC baseball is currently tied for fifth, but Stephan Hantos reassured that, “As far as talent goes I’d say this team is as good as any in the league.”

DVC takes on San Joaquin Delta Tuesday, April 5 at 2:30 p.m.