71-year-old triathlete and DVC alum partners with ASEA


courtesy of Dexter Yeats

70-year-old Dexter Yeats receives fifth place in the Ironman World Championship in 2015.

Allison Roullier, Senior staff member

Diablo Valley College alumna, 71-year-old Dexter Yeats, is a triathlete competitor who has recently signed on to be a brand ambassador for ASEA, a global company leading the way for cellular health. ASEA means a symbol of rejuvenation, rebirth, and healing.

“I have been doing triathlons since 1983,” said Yeats. “In 1994 I was a full time student at DVC, and I was on the Cross Country team. At 49 years of age, I was the oldest female on the team at that time. I felt like one of the kids when we were out training and running at the Cross country meets. Our team even went to State that year and for me, that was an awesome thrill.”

Founded in 2010, ASEA’s cellular health supplement that these athletes use helps to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and enhance physical performance and stay energized longer – helping them stay successful in their careers. Yeats and six other elite athletes also joined as brand ambassadors.

“I discovered ASEA when I thought that my racing days were over. After retiring from working I had gained weight and was having trouble getting back in condition to compete in triathlon races,” said Yeats.

“I was tired and did not have energy to train, it was taking days to recover from workouts. Once I started taking ASEA, I had energy to train and the weight came off once I was able to do the work load needed to race again. ASEA’s redox signaling technology enhances cellular function and positively impacts every system of the body to achieve optimal health and wellness.”

ASEA’s Vice President, Kurt Richards said, “ASEA’s ground breaking redox signaling technology has shown to be beneficial to each of these athletes by improving their physical performance and overall health, giving them the ASEA edge over their competition. The diversity of these athletes shows that anyone, no matter age, gender or genetic disposition, can stay active and healthy longer by using ASEA.”

“The joy of doing a triathlon is an amazing thrill for me,” said Yeats. “Race day is like a celebration of all of the training that I do day in and day out. When I get up in the morning I look forward to getting out swimming, biking and/or running. It is a lifestyle for me, that brings me a lot of joy. Even at age 71, it still is a lot of fun.”