Softball takes off to the playoffs


Julianna Cardinale

Third baseman Bailey Simmons takes her at bat in the top of the fourth inning in game against Cosumnes River on Tuesday April 26.

Erin Smith, Staff member

The Cosumnes River Hawks took a swift lead over the Vikings in their final home game of the season. With a two run lead and runners on second and third base, sloppy field work gained Cosumnes River two more runs and a four run lead.

Julianna Deighton managed a base hit in the bottom of the first and advanced to second, but got thrown out on an attempt to steal third and the Vikings remained run-less.

DVC defense managed three quick outs in the second and Mallory Barnard got to first in the bottom but the score held at 4-0.

DVC defense again made quick work of Cosumnes River, getting three outs in the top of the third, and Deighton got on base the bottom of the inning, but no runs were scored.

With two outs in the fourth inning the opposition stole second base and a fly ball brought the player home giving the Hawks a five run lead.

DVC managed to load up the bases in the bottom of the fourth, but Bailey Simmons was the only one able to make it home bringing the score up 5-1.

With two outs in the top of the fifth, DVC defense allowed a triple. A double then got Cosumnes River another run, 6-1.

Natalle Larsen landed a base hit for DVC in the bottom of the fifth, but the score remained the same, 6-1.

The Hawks started off the sixth inning with a home run bringing the score to 7-1. With a player on first and second, a triple brought the score to 9-1, no outs. Simmons made a great defensive play from third to first getting the Vikings a much needed out, but they were ultimately unable to come back from the abyss and surrendered the seventh inning. The Hawks won, 9-1.

Julia Pelletier said in regards to their performance, “In the beginning we were on it and ready to play. Keeping up our confidence is the hard part.” She continued to mention that the Big 8 conference, in which they play, is one of the toughest leagues in the state and as the season winds down the competition becomes fierce.

The team also used the same pitcher for every game, as Simmons pointed out, “The pitcher has thrown over 240 innings just this season alone.”

The Vikings clinched themselves a playoff spot to take on Merced at home on Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8.