What’s next for the Giants’ pitching staff


Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez, Senior Staff Member

In midst of an offensive revolution in baseball, the men on the mound are somewhat of an afterthought these days.

However, if you were to walk into the San Francisco Giants’ front office right now, they would likely tell you otherwise.

The Giants rotation is in shambles following injuries to Jeff Samardzija and Madison Bumgarner.

Bruce Bochy will now look to Johnny Cueto to lead a rotation that will feature Ty Blach, Derek Holland, Chris Stratton and a fifth man the team will have to discover soon.

With Samardzija out indefinitely and Bumgarner out until at least June, the Giants are missing out on pitchers who eat up innings like it’s dinner.

As a result, the Giants may have to start using their bullpen earlier and more often.

That combo is usually a recipe for disaster and is something the Giants want no part of this season.

In order for the Giants to be a real threat this season, they are going to need everything possible to go their way.

Asking an offense that features only one everyday player under 30 to put up quality run support every night may be wishful thinking.

The Giants need help like seagulls need garlic fries, and they need to start looking around soon.

San Francisco has managed to dance their way around the luxury tax plenty of times this offseason, but all that maneuvering may have to be put aside to acquire pitching.

For the Giants to really be a threat in October, they need to make a major move to get that pitching and the answer may not be that complicated.

The Tampa Bay Rays have shown this offseason that they’ll ship anyone out in the name of their rebuild, and pitcher Chris Archer could continue that overhaul.

The Rays have made moves this offseason that has left their fanbase furious, including the trade of Evan Longoria and the release of Corey Dickerson.

Unfortunately for them, it’s something the Giants should take advantage of.

Archer owns a solid 3.63 ERA over his career. Putting him in a Giants uniform could save their season.

The Giants may not be able to put the most attractive offer on the table, but after seeing what the Rays have done, that might not be a factor.

San Francisco could even throw a major league player in the trade for assurance.

Perhaps Brandon Belt could be just what it takes to get one of the best young pitchers in the game.

To turn the rotation from what it is now into one that will later feature Bumgarner, Cueto, Samardzija and Archer would be a complete turnaround and make the Giants a serious playoff contender.

While the move may put the Giants in trouble with the luxury tax, it might be a price they’re willing to pay for one more shot at the fall classic.