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Coach Darr adds two former Vikings onto coaching staff

Siuea Vaesau (43) and Spencer Van Brunt (4) during their days playing football for DVC back in 2011.

Siuea Vaesau (43) and Spencer Van Brunt (4) during their days playing football for DVC back in 2011.

Stevie Chow (Inquirer staff)

Stevie Chow (Inquirer staff)

Siuea Vaesau (43) and Spencer Van Brunt (4) during their days playing football for DVC back in 2011.

Aaron Tolentino, Sports editor

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Diablo Valley College football head coach Mike Darr announced Wednesday night via Twitter he was going to bring in two former players onto his coaching staff, Spencer Van Brunt and Siuea Vaesau.

Van Brunt was a quarterback for the Vikings from 2010-11 and Vaesau played linebacker from 2011-12. Both will come back to coach the respective positions they played while at DVC.

“The more people that understand what you’re trying to do that can help correct technique, scheme,” said Darr. “The better it is going to be for everyone especially when we have guys that played for us, know our expectations, they understand the tradition, they understand the demands of being a student-athlete.”

Darr believes it’s a huge bonus to have former Vikings return as coaches and is something he’s always prioritized.

For example, the pairing between Van Brunt and offensive coordinator Rob Adan makes for a sweet reunion of former Vikings on the offensive side of the ball. The two both understand and speak the same language in terms of techniques and schemes they learned under Darr.

Having Van Brunt and Vaesau return as coaches isn’t just a great match on the football field, but off the field as well.

“These were two young men that were excellent students, excellent players, did it on the field and off,” Darr said. “It’s fantastic for our guys to have, not only people who are going to be young, energetic, talented coaches but great role models too.”

Van Brunt and Vaesau understand that these guys are “student-athletes,” academics is still highly a priority. It will be a huge aspect in the way the two will guide the DVC players.

This has been Darr’s third addition of a former player onto his staff this year, starting with Adan.

Van Brunt is expected to arrive on the DVC campus Thursday afternoon when practice starts. Vaesau will coach the team starting next week.

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Aaron Tolentino, Sports Editor
Sports editor, spring 2018. Staff member, fall 2017.
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Coach Darr adds two former Vikings onto coaching staff