Throwing the Distance: From DVC athletics to possibly the Olympics


Aaron Tolentino

Jeff Williams gets ready to launch a discus.

Luis Lopez, Senior staff member

While walking around Diablo Valley College, it’s easy to overlook who’s walking next to you.

People can be walking next to future engineers, musicians and maybe even star athletes.

If you find yourself walking next to Jeff Williams, you might be next to a future Olympian discus thrower.

“It controls a lot of my decisions,” said Williams on his aspirations towards the Olympics. “What I eat, what I do with my time, who I talk to are geared toward achieving that goal.”

Williams has been throwing discus since his freshman year at Clayton Valley Charter High School, and he has been in love with it ever since.

“I didn’t really realize I was good until my junior year,” said Williams. “I had won a few meets, and I was throwing farther than other people, but where other people kind of stopped, I kept progressing.”

Since then, Williams has dominated the competition.

In high school, he was a three-time Diablo Valley Athletic League champion, a North Coast Section champion and placed fifth nationally at the U20 Championships

“He’s a once in a decade, if not longer, type of talent,” said DVC throwers coach John Fouts, who has been coaching Williams since his days at Clayton Valley.

As of April 30, Williams is ranked the 10th freshman in the country even among four-year throwers.

Through all his success in the sport, Williams has still managed to help in the development of his DVC teammates.

“Jeff is an amazing guy, he is more than just a great athlete,” said teammate Richard Atthowe.

“He pushes me to be better,” said Atthowe. “He’s very modest, even though he throws far he still works hard, since he is so bought into the (coach’s) philosophy, it makes me want to work that much harder.”

With as much success that Williams has had in the sport, he hopes to have that same fortune in a different career as well.

Williams is currently a kinesiology major at DVC.

“I want to be sure I have a Plan B set up,” said Williams. “I want my exit route to be somewhere I can help people.”

His intentions to pursue that degree shows Williams’ selflessness. According to his girlfriend’s mother, Megan Kommer, this isn’t a surprise.

“He is the kind of person that, if you needed anything, he would drop what he’s doing and come and help you,” said Kommer.

Williams has the right attitude and personality, and with a dream as big as the Summer Games, he truly believes he can make it.

“I wholeheartedly believe I’m in a position to make the Olympics,” said Williams. “I have all the resources I need, I have one of the best coaches around and, physically, I have the tools to.”