Women’s Basketball surges past Folsom City


Head coach Ramaundo Vaughn (center) and assistant coach Kameo Williams (left) talk with players in a timeout during the match against Sacramento City at DVC on January 8th, 2019. (Ethan Anderson/Inquirer)

Alex Martin, Staff member

The women’s basketball team at Diablo Valley College has been on fire lately as they came into tonight’s game against Folsom Lake with a 21-1 record. With teamwork and dedication, the lady Vikings Came out on top with a win over Folsom Lake by a final of 92-48.

One might wonder what has been their secret to success. “Definitely teamwork and chemistry,” said guard Jasmine Kong, Kinesiology Major. “Definitely good coaches and just knowing everyone’s strengths and playing to their strengths.”

Guard Zahria Hendrix (communications major) who is a teammate of Kong’s was the leading scorer against Folsom Lake with 23 points. She expressed that her success has required some personal adjustments. “I play a lot faster than I did before and I also have to make sure that I rebound a lot more just because that’s what I have to bring to the team for my size and stuff like that,” said Hendrix.

Before every game the lady Vikings get together in the locker room and try to find some inspiration before stepping out onto the court to play the game. “I always listen to the same playlist and I like to take a nap before I go play a game,” said forward Leilani Moncrease, Communications Major. Not everyone does the exact same thing though. “Going through the motions,” Kong said. “For instance if I’m going to make this shot in the game, go through that shot over and over again.”

With victory secured against Folsom Lake, the lady Vikings turn their attention towards their next opponent American River which is set to take place on February 5 at the Beavers arena.