Game recap: Baseball wins again on the road, outmatching San Mateo


Jake Villa narrowly makes it back to first base just before Andrew Mallon catches the ball at DVC’s game against Mission College on Feb. 12, 2015.

Alex Martin, Staff member

SAN MATEO-The Diablo Valley College baseball team went out on the road yesterday to take on San Mateo. As was the case for their previous away game against Monterey, the Vikings were able to beat the competition with a final score of 10-4.

Pitcher Decklan Cashman got the ball to start the game for the Vikings and secured the win while pitching five innings, striking out three batters, and giving up one run on three hits. Cashman’s teammate Brandon Kinsey pitched the final two innings of the ballgame and also struck out three batters as well.

First baseman Dante Peretti had three hits and drove in four runs while his teammate and outfielder Christiaan Herkemij also had three hits and drove in three of the ten runs scored today by the Vikings offense.

With this victory under their belt, the Vikings have achieved a 6-2 record, going into their next game with a four win streak.  Their next opponent will be Mission, which is set to take place Tuesday February 12 at Mission’s stadium.