DVC Athletics Foundation supports sports funding with Poker Night


(Samantha Laurey/The Inquirer).

Jason Burke (Blue Dog Dealer) starts next round of poker at DVC Poker Night. (Samantha Laurey/The Inquirer).

Samantha Laurey, Senior staff member

The DVC athletics foundation held a poker night to raise money to put towards student players on Sunday, Feb 10 at 6 p.m. The food court was filled with poker tables provided by Blue Dog Events, prize tables, and pictures of the upcoming improvements to the football field. Free food was provided by the culinary art students, while drinks were being served by football athletes. The community walked into DVC’s food court looking to gamble and to show their support.

“The event is the best turnout. It’s great to see student-athletes helping out with the event,” said Caitlin Luquet, DVC sports information director. Students had volunteered their time to help out with the event, by servicing players during games and bringing their drinks to the poker tables. 

Kyle Alvarado, the event coordinator, organized the event and explained how the poker night would turn out for funding.
Some coaches provided 10 tickets that people would buy to play rounds for poker. Each ticket provided is $75 per ticket, where players can try to get more money to go back into whoever provided the tickets.

The money that was earned would be split between the coaches and a charity foundation. Coaches could use their funds to get new equipment, more athletic clothing or for whatever they needed it for.

The foundation would use their end to support student-athletes education, like tutoring. The player who wins the most money towards their tickets gets a money prize. The first place winner receives $500, second place gets $250, and third gets $200. After the poker rounds were finished, there were drawings for gift baskets and VIP Warriors tickets for those who paid for poker tickets.

“Coaches can spend some of the money earned for extra equipment or for what they need, while the athletics foundation takes another part of the money to spend it towards services like tutoring,” said Alvarado.

Some people that were playing were DVC alumni, coaches, students, and supporting community members. Some people playing expressed that this was their first time playing poker and even though they may have gotten kicked out early. It was great to be surrounded by people who were there to have a wonderful time.

“I am here as one of the sponsors for the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce and I recommend everyone to come to events like this one, it’s a fun way to your support to the college,” said Ramona MacIntyre.