Recap: Baseball goes undefeated in Folsom series, Peretti smashes a grand slam


Center fielder Michael Theisen practices batting in DVC’s home matchup against Folsom Lake on April 18, 2019. The Vikings won 6-0. (Samantha Laurey/Inquirer)

Gavin Rock, Sports Editor

As the Diablo Valley College baseball season comes to a close, the Vikings won their final matchup against Folsom Lake by 10-6. This is the first series during the season in which the team won all their games against an opponent. Adding to their win, this marked game no. 900 in coach Steve Wards’ career at DVC, with an incredible 33 years under his belt.

Though no runs were scored within the first two innings, the Vikes found themselves in a rut during the bottom of the third when Folsom scored four runs. DVC didn’t waver in their mental fortitude, responding to Folsom with a homer by catcher Jonathan Waite, obtaining two RBI’s off of Folsom errors which caused first baseman Dante Peretti to score. They continued their run into the fifth inning, where shortstop Nick Simmons hit a double, followed by an advancement to third base off a wild pitch by Folsom. A single from Peretti earned him an RBI, getting the Vikings their third run of the game, with Folsom failing to match them, ending the fifth with a score of 3-4.

At the top of the seventh, second baseman Christian Villa was walked, followed by pitcher Nick Simmons striking out. After Villa stole second base, third baseman Bill Ralston singled, earning an RBI by bringing Villa home. Once DVC was on the defensive, Folsom responded with another run, bringing the score to 4-5.

The Vikings hit their stride during the eighth inning, beginning with center fielder Michael Theisen getting walked. Left fielder Christiaan Herkemij singled, which advanced Theisen to third. After Herkmeji advanced to second, Villa was intentionally walked, leaving all the bases loaded. The teams run gained traction with another walk to Simmons, getting an RBI by walking Theisen home and keeping all bases loaded. A third walk for Ralston earned them another RBI, rotating players on base once again. They finally popped of with Peretti smashing a grand slam, earning him four RBI’s, which caused the Vikings to take their first lead of the game with a score of 10-5.

No more runs were scored by DVC during the ninth, and even though Folsom managed to land a run, it wasn’t enough to even the scoreboard. At the end of the day, the Vikings were victorious, obtaining a three win streak going into their final game of the season. Students and faculty alike have been encouraged to watch the game, as it’s coach Wards last game coaching baseball. The matchup is against Chabot College, and will take place at DVC on April 26 at 2:00 p.m.