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Shane Louis



The Inquirer staff won awards in fall 2014.

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Journalism majors join The Inquirer staff by signing up for JRNAL-126 and 127. (JRNAL-120 is a prerequisite or co-requisite for 126.)

In JRNAL -126 News Production I (3 units), you will cover a beat or edit a section, learning how to develop sources and story ideas on your beat. You also learn the fundamentals of social media, editing and page design.

If you want the associate of arts for transfer in journalism, you can continue to work as an editor or senior staff member in JRNAL-127 News Production II (3 units, prerequisite: 126). You will take on a more complicated project in writing, photography, multimedia or design.

Just exploring?  Sign up for JRNAL-124 Fundamentals of Journalism for Non-Majors I (1.5 units), in which you learn how to cover news events using words and photos. You can continue in JRNAL-125 Fundamentals for Non-Majors II (1.5 units, prerequisite: 124).

What about people who just want to focus on doing one thing, like taking photos, illustrating or cartooning, writing stories or columns, or designing pages? Sign up for JRNAL-128, Journalism Portfolio Development (1 unit).