The best five tips for transfer


Jung min Lee

The career and transfer service center at DVC, helping students transfer to four year colleges

Jung min Lee, Staff member

Are you considering transferring to a four year school? Since the fall semester has already begun at DVC, many of students trying to apply to the UC or CSU schools get worried about their transfer applications. A few students don’t a clue where they want to transfer let alone any important information on applying to a school.

If you are struggling with an application, here are five tips that you should know about transfer;

First of all, “Start early and do not wait until the last minute,” says Sandra Parsons, Counselor Assistant at Career and Transfer Services center at DVC. The transfer application process starts a year in advance so it is very important to be patient. Some students come by the Transfer Services center after the application period. Others come by when they get 60 units but actually they should start preparing themselves when they have around 30 units.

Secondly, “Do not leave it until November 30th which is the deadline of application,” Sandra Parsons also stated. It is recommended that you finish and submit it before Thanksgiving Day since the server might be over impacted. Also “Do not leave your personal statement until the last minute.” Generally you should proofread as much as possible and have upwards of 20 drafts. Also the Transfer Services center has personal statement review workshop starting on October 22.

Thirdly, Read the instruction on the application web site very carefully. Do not just skim because you may miss any important information. Check the date and deadline for schools. If you do not want to miss the deadline, for UC schools you must apply between November 1-30th, for CSU schools applications must be turned in between October 1 – November 30.

Fourthly, meet with a counselor to make sure you are on right track. Double check your requirements and GE. shows all the requirements for any major for UC and CSU. It is easy to make an appointment to visit the counseling office in person or online. If you have an urgent question, you can have a ten-minutes counseling session on any day you visit them.

The last tip you should know is that Workshops Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), UC and CSU application, personal statement) and Labs TAG Application will be held at the DVC Transfer Services center. You don’t have to make an appointment, just drop in. Feel free to join the events and ask the questions in a group. It is best if you try early because when it hits the deadline, you may have less opportunity to get help.

Below are links to when college representatives are going to be visiting DVC as well as the schedule for transfer workshops.

Workshop & Representatives visiting schedule