The Buzz: What is one piece of advice you’d give to students hoping to transfer?

Yilang Lin, 20, Spanish, transferring to UC Berkeley

“Make multiple appointments with the counselors and keep track of all your emails, info exchange with your peers, counselors, and instructors for the best advice regarding your transfer and your future career.”


Elizabeth Boman, 36, nursing, transferring to CSU East Bay

“Make school a priority. Get it done. Other things can wait, but this is your future.”


CJ Yudelson, 24, English, transferring to UC Santa Cruz

“Even if you get discouraged from school, keep at it if it’s what you want to do. School’s not for everybody, but if you decide that it is, then keep at it; try your best.”


Walter Munoz, 26, political economy, transferring to UC Berkeley

“Don’t get distracted by things other than education because it is going to be a key that is going to open a lot of doors for [students] in the future.”


Carolina Roverso, 38, psychology, transferring to UC Berkeley

“Learn how to manage your time, especially if you’re a returning student and you’re a parent. Balancing [your time] is the most important part and just have a lot of discipline in yourself.”