Trump takes on the issues

Presidential Candidates Hit the Hurdles

Nik Wojcik, Staff Writer

Election Day 2016 may seem like worlds away for any normal person, but the presidential hopefuls aren’t wasting a single moment in trying to set themselves apart from the crowd. A lot can change before our date with the ballot box, but, as of now, these are your front runners and how they feel about issues that matter to you.

Donald Trump
“Make America Great Again”

69, Republican, Real Estate Developer and TV personality, born in Queens, NY

Student Debt: During a live-chat at Twitter’s NYC headquarters on Sept 21, Trump was asked specifically how he would fix the student debt crisis. “Student debt is a tremendous problem in the United States. We’re gonna restructure it. We’re gonna make it possible for people to borrow money, go through college, get through it. We’re gonna make it so it’s very affordable. Right now, it’s not fair. It’s one of the only places, frankly, where our country actually makes money. And they make a lot of money. And that should not take place. We’re gonna make it really good for the student.” Note that he doesn’t provide any answers as to what he’s “gonna” do about those currently drowning in student debt. Ironically, Trump is at the center of a lawsuit for charging students exurbanite amounts of money to attend his for-profit Trump University personal mentorship real estate courses that fell short of what was promised.

Immigration Reform: His official website lays out his “three core principles,” which basically boil down to building a wall across the southern border (at Mexico’s expense), enforcing current laws with a tripling of ICE officers and ending birthright citizenship. He made himself quite the center of attention earlier this summer when he publicly referred to illegal immigrants as “murderers” and “rapists.” Some critics have pointed out that Trump himself likely employs a large number of illegal immigrants in the shadows of Trump Enterprises.

Military Engagement: In what now seems like a premonition, Trump was quoted in a Sept. 27 “60 Minutes” interview as saying, “Russia wants to get rid of ISIS. We want to get rid of ISIS. Maybe let Russia do it. Let them get rid of ISIS. What the hell do we care?” His previous stance was in favor of putting U.S. boots on the ground where in areas where ISIS has oil interests.

He has recently been very vocal about wanting to build up the military so that “nobody messes with us,” (NY Daily News, Aug. 3).

Civil Rights (BLM/LGBT): LGBT rights is one area that Trump tends to stray from GOP talking points. He has been consistently supportive of equal workplace rights for LGBT employees and has refused to take an official position against same-sex marriage. “You have to go with it. The decision’s been made, and that is the law of the land,” said Trump on the Sept. 7 airing of Morning Joe.

He recently called Martin O’Malley “weak” and “pathetic” for apologizing to Black Lives Matter protestors, echoing the “all lives matter” chant.

Planned Parenthood/Abortion: He strongly supports pro-life initiatives…now, although he was previously a pro-choice advocate. Trump disapproves of abortion, except in the case of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother but has flip flopped on the issue of Planned Parenthood funding.

Drug Policy: Trump opposes marijuana legalization, as of this past June. He favors more harsh legal implications for dealers, but doesn’t feel kids should get jail time for pot busts. Noteworthy: his current stance on drug policies is a far cry from his rhetoric in 1990, when he slammed the U.S. drug policy as “a joke,” and supported complete legalization with an eye on resulting profits.