What does Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities mean for DVC?


Kayla Robinson

Social science instructor Scott Macdougall during a lecture on Feb.7, 2017

Kayla Robinson, Copyeditor

Leading up to his presidency Donald Trump made many promises, one of which he promised to terminate Obama’s executive orders related to immigration including getting rid of sanctuary cities.

As of Jan. 11, the Contra Costa Community College board voted 6-0 to grant sanctuary status to the district and it’s three main campuses, Diablo Valley College, Los Medanos College and Contra Costa College.

Sanctuary status means that the Contra Costa Community College District will withhold students’ personal information from federal agencies like U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and retain existing financial aid policies for undocumented students.

While it’s unclear exactly what the executive order means, the courts are going to have to clarify.

According to political specialist Allison Graves at Politifact, this executive order doesn’t fulfill Trump’s campaign pledge to cut funding of sanctuary cities, but it does start the process.

“There are a lot people who think that what he has done is not legal their fear is it’s uncertainty,” social science instructor Scott Macdougall said.

“I think that the president is acting in places where he doesn’t actually have the authority to act.  He’s doing things that I don’t think is constitutional.”

Interim President Ted Wieden issued a statement to the DVC community; “Our position is in alignment with the California Community College State Chancellor’s Office and the Contra Costa Community College Governing Board’s January 11, 2017, Resolution S-1 reaffirming our commitment to support all students and employees of Diablo Valley College regardless of citizenship status, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political persuasion.”

What this means for students is that “DVC doesn’t see a person and their documents, all they see is the person,” Macdougall said.