The Buzz: What do you think of DVC having a 16-week semester?

Melanie Calimlim and Taylor Pagan

Christopher Sargeson, 22, business major

Christopher Sargeson, 22, business

“I’m not in favor because school classes are long enough and many students find it difficult to manage time efficiently as it is.”


Kelly Conroy, 22, animation

Kelly Conroy, 22, animation

“I think I prefer it to be 18 weeks. I’ve been on the quarter system before and too much information was crammed in too short of time.”


Mitchell Aji, 27, marketing major

Mitchell Aji, 27, marketing

“I think that would be great. For me it doesn’t seem too long now though.”

Nikko Cusi, 19, Architecture

Nikko Cusi, 19, architecture

“We’ll stick with the 18 weeks, because the extra 10 minutes [in class] is too long for me.”

Vince Bettex, 23, Business

Vince Bettex, 23, business

“It doesn’t seem like a problem. It would be better in a trimester system. But getting out of school faster sounds better. It could also speed up the transfer rates for students.