District considers 16-week semester

Contra Costa College District is considering switching to a 16-week semester. The Diablo Valley College Faculty Senate attempted to address some of the concerns students and faculty had about the potential semester changes during their weekly meeting on March 10, including payment for adjunct teachers and rescheduling transportation around the new semester.

The proposal is still in the early phases and changes may not be implemented until 2016, but the Faculty Senate will meet again in on March 24 to vote on a recommendation about the proposal. A survey on the proposal for all faculty is scheduled to take place the week of the vote.

Rachel Westlake drafted a rough 16-week semester schedule.

“Many four year institutions are running on a 16 week semester,” Westlake said. “Studies indicate that students are more successful on a 16-week calendar over an 18-week semester. We’re looking in terms of student success and opportunities for students to enroll in classes that are different, as well as increasing our flexibility.”

Some students were skeptical to the proposed changes and unsure about how it would affect them.

Theatre major Ken Davis, 21, isn’t worried about the proposal.

“I don’t think two weeks will make a huge difference unless it starts to impact the our holidays,” he said.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story included a quote that was inaccurately attributed to Justin Germek.