Editorial: 4chan brings DVC into the national spotlight

Editorial Board

The power of the internet collective known as “4chan,” an online internet image forum and community, has reached a critical mass of influence over social media and national press.

On Saturday, April 15th, a masked protestor within Berkeley was filmed hitting a Trump supporter with a metal bicycle lock to the head.

Over the weekend and following week, people on the political board within 4chan (/pol/) started hunting social media pictures for similarities with the masked assailant.

On Wednesday night, people on 4chan identified previous pictures of an adjunct DVC professor as a possible match with the image of the masked protestor bringing DVC into the national spotlight.

National news networks from all the way from Florida to New York were calling DVC offices for an explanation or a confirmation of the internet witch-hunting allegations.

Berkeley Police declined to acknowledge any individual criminal cases revolving around the Berkeley protests clashes, which involved violent fights between Trump protesters and supporters.

A DVC spokesperson, explains how “4chan launched a social media campaign aimed at the school and professors.”

“My office as well as the President’s office has been completely jammed due to this controversy.” The spokesperson went on to say, “These are unsubstantiated allegations from an unknown source.”

4chan is notorious for their past as internet renegades who pride themselves as witch-hunting investigators hunting through the internet looking for clue to unravel internet anonymity.

They have identified and unmasked animal abusers before, as well as assisting Russia targeting ISIS compounds for missile attacks, all by analyzing videos released to the internet and examining surrounding clues such as mountain ranges and flight patterns.

People have fun on 4chan unmasking these potential suspects and it can turn into an addicting and an adrenaline rush activity, which can lead to beneficial outcomes.

However, this style of investigating in the open also removes the private and personal aspect to an investigation.

What if the person being targeted had nothing to do with this event? Their reputation has been tarnished without any due process.

What happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Instead, one is guilty until proven innocent.

~ Spring 2017 Editorial Board

Editor’s note:

A name was edited from this article on Monday April 24 due to an online threat.