A rough weekend in the Bay Area


Geoffrey Weseman

Geoff Weseman, Staff member

The San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders did not have pleasant Sunday afternoons.

The 49ers lost to the Buffalo Bills 45-16. Colin Kaepernick performed well in his first start in coach Chip Kelly’s eyes. ESPN Staff Writer Nick Wagoner reported coach Kelly said, “I don’t think there’s a lot of rust. I think there’s some things he’s not a guy that’s played seven straight games and is seeing things just like that.”

At the half the 49ers were down by only a field goal until the Bills offense got on a roll. During the second half the Bills offense ran wild over the 49ers defense. The 49ers could not stop Bills running back LeSean McCoy and the Bills offense. LeSean McCoy ran over the 49er defense as he posted 140 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

If the 49ers want to succeed in the future they need to find a way to stop the run. San Francisco ranks last in defending the run and 28th in total defense. You simply can’t win games if you can’t defend.

The same goes for the Oakland Raiders. No matter how high powered an offense is, defense is what wins games. The Oakland Raiders were beaten on all platforms on defense.

The Kansas City Chiefs averaged 9.1 yards per pass and pummeled the Raiders on the ground with 183 yards rushing.

Oakland’s defense ranks last in total defense as they are torched by the pass. Oakland has allowed 1,876 yards through the air which is music to the ears of the opposing quarterback. In an interview regarding defense with ESPN Staff writer, Paul Gutierrez, Oakland defensive end and outside linebacker Khalil Mack said, “It’s our job to respond.”

If this Oakland team wants to continue to be a division leader and a possible playoff contender they need to get the quarterback. The late Raiders general manager Al Davis said in an ESPN Films Presents, “Somewhere within the first five to ten plays of a game the other team’s quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard.”

The Raiders and the 49ers will need to come out with some defensive pride and perform if they look to win.