Bay Area roller coaster


Geoffrey Weseman

Geoffrey Weseman, Staff Member

The Golden State Warriors are holding steady at number three in the NBA power rankings, behind the Clippers and Cavaliers. The Warriors need to keep on a steady incline with the super team they’ve created.

With all the talent on the team, Draymond Green said to ESPN, “I think I’m one of the best players in the NBA.” As an all around player I would consider Green in the lower top thirty percent of the NBA. He’s definitely an impact player for his team, but not one of the best in the NBA.

Green succeeds at getting the dirty work done on a team that needs more players to get their hands dirty. Green leads the team in rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks a game.

There’s still time in the season to make up any lost ground in early struggles.

The San Jose Sharks have been on a roller coaster ride. After a three game losing streak, the Sharks have won their last three games. The Sharks will need to do more to make a repeat run at another Stanley Cup appearance.

The six game road trip has treated the Sharks well as they look to continue their success on the road. Brent Burns has been extremely productive as he leads the Sharks in points and goals with captain Joe Pavelski right behind him as he puts in his fair share.

On Sunday the 49ers seemed to put in their fair share, but came up a bit short against the Cardinals. The 49ers are on their way to getting a good spot in the draft and picking up some helping talent.

However, the 49ers defense showed up as they held Arizona running back David Johnson to 55 yards on the ground and collected four turnovers. “We didn’t run it, but we threw it much better,” Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said.

Also, racking up nine penalties for 100 total yards didn’t help the 49ers get a win. In a post game interview 49er safety Antoine Bethea said, “Man, it looked like there were some horrible calls to me at times but you have to play through that.”

So close, but nothing yet. The 49ers have an extremely good chance to finish the season 1-15.