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“You’re Next” delivers bloody good thrill

Masked killers invade the lives of a reunited family in horror film, “You’re Next”, directed by Adam Wingard and opening August 23, 2013. // Lionsgate Films.

“You’re Next” actually shouldn’t be the next thing to skip out on at the movies.

On the surface, “You’re Next” seems to be just another slasher horror film aimed at giving audiences only squeals and screams, but it proves to be more than a stereotype.

Directed by Adam Wingard, this film revolves around the wealthy Davison family who are gathering in a house located in a remote area to celebrate their parents’ anniversary. This sets the plot for a group of skilled masked killers to attack the seemingly unsuspecting family.

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This movie is not just another film about home invasion, the plot twists and witty dialogue made it refreshing and even humorous at times. The role of the main character, Erin, proved to be a key foil for the masked murderers.

Erin, played by Australian native Sharni Vinson, was a complete bad-ass. With her intelligence and survivalist skills, she was the one character I hoped wouldn’t die.

For those who anticipate a lot of scare, I must say that this movie is a little more predictable than I would want. The motives and people involved in the killings were obvious.

One question I had was what was up with the masks? I’m not sure if it was meant to be a new look for horror films or for humor, but when I saw those animal shaped masks, a part of me laughed behind my shrieks. I mean seriously, one looked like a sheep.

An issue I had with the storyline was the inclusion of the phrase “You’re Next.” I understand that it’s the title of the film, but the sporadic inclusions of the phrase just didn’t make sense. If you’re going to leave a foreboding message for a scared group of people, do it continually or don’t do it at all.

Overall, for someone who thinks watching scary movies are a good idea until I find myself peeking beyond my fingers in front of my face, I must say, this film was intriguing. Besides the obvious plot of everyone must die, it had its humorous moments without being cheesy and brought a surprising moment or two. Not bad for a cheap thrill.

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Rachel Ann Reyes
Rachel Ann Reyes, Editor-in-chief
Send Mail Editor-in-chief, spring 2014. Co-editor-in-chief, fall 2013. Staff writer, spring 2013.

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“You’re Next” delivers bloody good thrill