Oculus, everything but an eye opener

Tyler Elmore, Online Editor

What seemed to be a promising “scary” movie ended up being like all of the rest, a bore. Oculus opened on Friday April 11, 2014.

The movie stars Karen Gillan from Dr. Who and promising new-comer Brenton Thwaites, who will be staring in the moving adaptation of the best-selling novel The Giver coming out later this year.

The movie starts out with the main characters as children, hiding in a closet away from their dad who is carrying a gun. The kids run down the stairs where their dad finds them and the dad morphs into the son as an adult and shoots the little girl. Confused? Well it doesn’t get anymore clearer than that.

The basic synopsis of this movie is, that a haunted mirror gets put into a home where it possesses the two main characters’ parents until they are dead.

The actual movie takes place ten years later when the children are fully grown. The sister, Kaylie, played by Gillan, is obsessed with trying to find a way to destroy the mirror. Tim the brother, played by Thwaites, had just been released from the state mental health facility because he killed their dad.

If you are not confused enough yet with the description, the whole movie was just a boring, repetitive mess.

You are constantly battling with what is real and what isn’t, and trying to figure out if any of the movie actually happened. Without a solid story line the whole movie gets lost in a jumble of flashbacks, false reality, and what you think is actually the character’s reality.

The scare factor of this movie was also almost nonexistent. The ghosts were creepy but not something you’re going to have nightmares about. It vaguely resemble 2010’s Insidious, with it constant dream-like state.

The movie seemed promising with having a 92% on rottentomatoes.com on Thursday evening, but by Sunday the rating had dropped to 71%.

From the beginning of the movie, you can guess the ending if you can manage to sit through the confusion.

The only thing that might keep you halfway interested in the movie is the good-looking lead actor.

I give this movie two thumbs down.