First Art Festival hits DVC


Amrita Kaur

Colleen Garland, 23, helped to assist other students who were interested in pottery at the Art Festival.

Amrita Kaur, Copy editor

Raising awareness for the arts was a success in DVC’s first ever Art Festival.

The stage was set and costumes and artwork were displayed, with plentiful participants on the May 10, organized by the DVC Art department.

Various musicians took to the stage, as some audience members danced the afternoon away in front of the main DVC entrance area.

Various food vendors, as well as DVC’s own culinary department, were there to feed the hungry actors and festival goers, with treats such as wood-fired pizza, hot dogs and ice cream for dessert.

The Drama Club also participated in front of the PAC, showing off their costumes from various plays, and performing sample pieces of theatrical work.

Among the attendees was Andrew Jamshidi, 23, a fine arts major, and his theater-mates who were walking around, greeted and welcomed people to the festival.

“We are showing off our costumes from the Hamlet play, talking to people and listening to music,” he said in his character accent of British English. “Oh! There are the King and Queen from the play, dancing.”

In the arts foyer, the pottery class had set up a table with artwork for sale, such as vases and various pottery pieces.

Colleen Garland, 23, and other pottery class artists demonstrated pottery making on the wheel and answered questions for curious onlookers.

There were also drawing sessions held for youngsters to participate in.

Jamal Smith, said,  “It’s like musical chairs, but with art, you draw and as soon as the music stops you move on to the next canvas that someone else has worked on to continue.”

ASDVC president-elect and musician Keith Montes took part in the musical part of the program and shared how excited he was to participate in the festivities.

“I am happy because the festival is bringing attention to the arts department. Especially since that’s one area where budget cuts are being made,” he said.