DVC is just a ‘catwalk’ for student

DVC is just a catwalk for student

Tyler Elmore, Co-editor-in-chief

When you’ve walked in Louis Vuitton’s fashion show in Paris Fashion Week, you know you’ve hit it big time.

For 22-year-old Diablo Valley College student Alex Michels, it’s just another day at work.

“One of my first paid jobs was as a hand model for this obscure camera brand in San Francisco, which I still find to be hilarious,” he says.

While he is unsure how he got started in the fashion business, he is grateful for the opportunities he has been given.

What is also so refreshing about Michels is the fact that he is so distant from the modeling business. He lacks the façade that most people assume comes with being a successful model.

Michels’ ultimate goal isn’t to be a “super” model, but having a recognizable face may help get him to his next chapter.

“My passion is entertainment,” he says. “I hope to express myself and create content that other people will enjoy in someway such as video game design, animation, acting or who knows what.”

Michels is currently a full-time student planning to transfer to San Jose State University.

“I am just studying the general education courses like most people, but I am really into my ARTDM-160 3D animation right now,” he says. “I guess I am a part-time model now, like that Flight of the Conchord’s song.”

Over the interview, he makes little quips about modeling, but he does offer some advice to people trying to get into the business,

“If you are trying to get into any facet of the fashion industry then ‘people skills’ are a must,” he advises, “Learning to connect with peers and employers is the name of the game, and classes like public speaking and business are surprisingly helpful in that regard.”

What he likes most about modeling is traveling and being able to work with his girlfriend.

“My favorite place is New York City—nothing beats it,” he says. “Paris is beyond beautiful though.” 

While modeling isn’t his ideal job, Michels has enjoyed his time doing it. He has had the opportunity to be in photo shoots and walk the runways.

”Both have their merits,” he says. “Walking in shows can be crazy fun since it’s like a theatre production with its fast pace, but photo shoots can also be interesting when they are spook or weird editorials.” 

Michels has modeled for brands such as Rag and Bone, Calvin Klein, Brooks Brothers, Nylon, Elle, Motorola and many others. 

“I’m really fortunate that I got to travel places for modeling and rep some cool brands, but I don’t plan on doing it forever,” he says. 

Michels may end his modeling career, but we expect to see him soon doing something just as creative and awesome.

You can check out his modeling profile HERE