‘Community’: I am the ‘Ham, girl!’ guy.

“Community” Season 6 Episode 8 Review

Jacob Judd, Staff member

Last week we talked about how this season of “Community” seemed to be putting an emphasis on more classic situation comedy writing while downplaying the more fantastical elements of the show. This week we get to see what the new “Community” looks like when it cuts loose.

When the unlikely Ben Chang becomes a catchphrase spitting spokesman for deli meat, it seems his star is meant to shine in Hollywood. This leaves the Greendale crew in the dark until they realize that Abed has unfinished movie footage starring the new celebrity. Obviously, the only thing to do is to finish filming the movie and cash in on Chang’s bankability.

The results are glorious. Most of the episode cuts back and forth between our heroes filming on set and the finished product. This finished product, of course, is a sci-fi romp featuring robots cobbled together from tinfoil and school supplies plus CGI that would feel right at home on YouTube circa 2008.

Of course “Community” has a history of putting great care and creativity into making things look haphazardly thrown together. Something tells me this low budget “Logan’s Run” will go down as one of the school’s most memorable remodels, along with the paintball wrecked campus or the extensive empires of Pillowtown and Blanketsburg.

Of course, all the visual gimmicks in the world don’t add up to much if the episode doesn’t have an emotional core. Fortunately this week delivers on both. Jeff and Abed conflict numerous times about Abed’s perfectionism and Jeff’s ability to improvise for the sake of a deadline.

Ultimately, the story becomes a debate about the value of rigid planning. Is it possible to look too far ahead and get bogged down in what ifs? Maybe it’s better if we’re just prepared to make the most of the situations we have in front of us.

MVP for this week goes to Jeff’s emotional breakdown, which also gives us our best line of the week: “I know that they gave Chris Pratt digital muscles in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I watched ‘Parks and Rec.’ I watched it! There’s no scientific explanation!”