BART improves service with ‘Fleet of the Future’


Jesse Sutterley

Commuters exit crowded SanFrancisco bound train.

Sarah Carr, Staff member

A new standard model train car for Bay Area Rapid Transit will replace the original fleet that has been in service longer than any other public transportation fleet in the United States.

The Bombardier Transportation Services designed the new train cars for the BART fleet, and the first 10 official pilot cars have been completed. They are set to be tested for the BART system this Fall. Since 2009, the ‘Fleet of the Future’ was designed with the feedback of the public riders of BART.

BART spokesman Taylor Huckaby stated to the DVC Inquirer, “Over 35,000 people have offered input on the new Fleet of the Future cars, and reactions to the model car were overwhelmingly positive.”

Many Bay Area residents and commuters are happy about the transition to an updated fleet, “BART and the riders both deserve it,” frequent BART rider Cassandra May stated.

Some of the new improvements will include flip-down seats in the bicycle areas, thinner seat backs for room for more seating amongst the train cars, and LCD screens displaying more dynamic Bart maps and information. Along with micro-plug doors that help seal out noise on the new fleet, BART has actually purchased new track maintenance equipment that will greatly improve the amount of shrill, screeching sounds the Bart tracks make on a regular basis.

According to a press release on, along with the Fleet of the Future, train frequency will increase during commute times. The Pittsburg/Bay Point line will be the most affected by these changes, with more 10-car trains being implemented as well as “limited service” labeled trains that will bypass some stations in order to drop off crowded commuters headed towards San Francisco faster. BART has offered this solution in the meantime until the new train cars are deployed.

The first 10-car trains are set to be placed on the testing tracks of BART this fall, the rest of the new fleet is expected to be phased in and replace the original fleet next year.