Where to watch the game

Erin Smith, Inquirer Staff

As football season hurdles into week 10, its becoming more and more imperative that people get out to see the games — especially when a high stakes Fantasy Football game is about to begin. But what if you struggle with being around the family for more than 20 minutes, where are you going to kick your feet up, grab a beer and watch the game?

There are actually quite a few spots near campus that will meet all requirements for your viewing of the games Thursday, Sunday and Monday night.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse: BJ’s features both the Monday and Thursday night games on a ridiculously huge television set. When multiple games are on they can split the screen four ways to make viewing a breeze or a complete disaster depending on your level of concentration. They also put the audio of the game on. Unfortunately, they recently changed their happy hour menu (which is in effect during games) and Stoli sodas are no longer $4. But all beers and cocktails are $1 off and appetizers are $2 off.

Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ: Lucille’s is right across the way from BJ’s but has eight televisions surrounding the bar area. A 22 oz. beer is the best deal money can buy, but the Moscow Mules are recommended. An appetizer menu is also to die for during game time.

Magoo’s Grill: Magoo’s is best for Sunday morning football. They have several TVs in the bar area and label what games will be showing throughout the day. If you arrive in the a.m. you can enjoy a Bloody Mary with a home style breakfast.

Farrington’s Sports Bar: Farrington’s is the quintessential sports bar. They offer ice cold beer and mixed drinks at reasonable prices. They also feature food from the neighboring taqueria and pizza place on Monday and Thursday night football. They have several televisions that showcase all the games and they also put the audio on for local games.

The Office: The Office, no not the TV show and not your mom’s job, has very affordable drinks and features all of the football games on four TVs. It has been described as the “country club for the working class.” On Mondays they have a complimentary hot dog bar and they open at 8 a.m. daily so Sunday morning football is a big draw here.