‘Art and the Body’ gallery is a window into the minds of DVC artists

Chris Core and Ali Lee

The DVC art gallery recently began running its Art and the Body: Beneath the Surface display, highlighting the art of dedicated DVC students.

The art show, coordinated by Arthur King, runs through the 21st of September.

Chris Core
Jane Fisher’s “I Got Feelin’s for Ya” greets visitors at the entrance to the gallery

The gallery features artists such as Andrew Ameral, Agelio Batle, Dana DeKalb and others who have created works depicting the human body.

“The exhibition presents works by Bay Area artists who use scientific anatomy to investigate what it means to be an embodied human creature,” states the DVC Art gallery brochure.

The goal of the gallery is to create pieces with collages and different objects to make familiar anatomy unfamiliar.

Guests are welcomed with a painting by Jane Fisher, titled “I Got Feelin’s for Ya.” The painting is set beside black lettering which states the title of the gallery event and makes way for the rest of the pieces.

Fisher’s oil and acrylic painting “Beside Himself” shows a large painting of a man’s face with a smaller painting of himself behind it, but only showing the skull. This seems to represent how we view ourselves from the outside as unique but are still the same underneath our skin.

From pieces depicting the human skeleton, the human muscular system and even a piece featuring professional boxer Manny Pacquiao, the gallery gives different perspectives of how each artist views the human body and creates their work in their own unique style.

There will be a reception on September 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. that will give extra information and host a discussion presenting the art pieces featured in the gallery. It is said that the artists will be there to possibly discuss their artwork as well.

Chris Core
Agelio Batle’s piece of art “Ash Dancer” created with graphite

Art and the Body is located in the art gallery, upstairs in the DVC art building.

According to the DVC Art Gallery brochure, “…the gallery’s mission is to inspire and educate the entire campus community.”