Model United Nations hopes to recover from low attendance


Sean McKenna

DVC Model United Nations club meeting 9/25/2018. (Sean McKenna/The Inquirer)

Sean McKenna, Staff Member

DVC’s Model United Nations used to be one of the largest student organizations on campus. Now it’s only a fraction the size it used to be, but leadership is hoping to bring it back.

“We were hoping for more people,” said Terry Zhang, Inter Club Council representative, said. “It used to be one of the biggest clubs, 60 to 70 members. Many left.”

Model United Nations is a club that stimulates the United Nations, where students play the role of country representatives. By being in this club, a student learns about diplomacy, international relations, and debate.

Secretary General Lena Hallaum believed so many students left due to previous leadership’s lack of involvement.  However, Hallaum believes the future is bright.

“Moving forward, it will grow,” said Hallaum. “I’m so happy to be a part of the club. It will change you, you will be more in touch with the world around you.”

Zhang also believes the club can also help in another way, explaining how it’s a good club to join to strength your transfer application.

Chair of debate Allison Morgan said, “It teaches (members) important skills that is hard to form at community college.”

Miku Nakamura, the club’s parliamentarian, said, “It’s a really good place to strengthen your opinion on international relations.”

The club’s faculty adviser, Dr. Amer Araim, claims that MUN  is one of the best clubs in DVC. He encourages students to invite classmates and friends to join the club. He also wishes for existing members to go in front of their classes and get others to join.

The club meets on 5:30 p.m, Tuesdays in MA-101.