Inquirer Podcast: Sports, Fires, the 2020 Presidential Election and Guest Speaker Neal Skapura


Photos courtesy of the Los Angeles Lakers, 4CD Governing Board and NASA’s Earth Observatory.

Anthony Perry and Carter Herrera

Join us for The Diablo Valley College’s Inquirer Podcast!

In its premier The Inquirer discusses some of the latest local and regional news, including an in-depth discussion with Neal Skapura regarding the developing situation with the Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board. This podcast is brought to you by Anthony Perry, editor-in-chief, and staff member Carter Herrera.

2:20 NFL & NBA Coping with COVID-19, Upcoming NBA Playoffs

15:26 California Wildfires & Climate Change

19:32 Opinions On the 2020 Presidential Election

23:35 Interview with Classified Union Local 1 President Neal Skapura & Current Happenings Inside 4CD